Bois Cheri Earl Grey


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Bois Cheri Saveur Ile Maurice Earl Grey

50g (25 tea bags) black tea Earl Grey from Mauritius by Taste of Paradise.

Ingredients: 100% BLACK TEA / 0.26 ML EARL GREY FLAVOUR, Origin: Mauritius





Bois Cheri Earl Grey Black Tea
The Bois Chéri Earl Grey is a tea blend of the type Earl Grey. This tea mixture consists of black tea, which is flavored with the oil of the begramotte fruit. The bergamot fruit, also called green gold, belongs to the genus of citrus plants and represents a mixture of sweet lime and bitter orange.
The addition of the Bergamot Aroma was created as early as 1880. The added scent of bergamot protected the tea from smothering the smells of fish or other foods during long overseas trips to England. Thus, the Earl Grey tea was still fruity aromatic in taste after a long sea voyage.

Get your very own green gold home- Only with Bois Cheri Earl Grey!

Where does Bois Chéri tea come from and what makes the tea label so unique?

With Bois Chéri Tea you will discover an extraordinary taste experience!

The Bois Chéri Tee tea label comes from the unique island of Mauritius. There, the impressive aromatic tea is highly appreciated and even holidaymakers who enjoy Bois Chéri tea keep the excellent tea in positive memory. The unique tea can be tasted at the Bois Chéri Tea Museum with tea factory right on the ground. The pleasant climatic conditions for tea cultivation and high-quality production ensure an exceptional taste experience that convinces at any time of the year!

Bois Cheri
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