Bois Cheri Blue Mauritius Vanilla Black Tea


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Bois Cheri The ile Maurice Blue Mauritius Vanilla

50g (25 teabags) black tea with vanilla flavour from Mauritius by Taste of Paradise

Ingredients: 100% BLACK TEA / 0.24 grams VANILLA FLAVOUR

Origin: Mauritius





Bois Cheri Blue Mauritius Vanilla Black Tea
The Bois Cheri Blue Mauritius Vanilla Black Tea is named after the famous blue stamps from Mauritius. The stamps were printed with the inscription "Post paid" instead of "Post office". From this inscription arose legends and speculations about whether the blue stamp was a misprint. Today there are still 12 blue stamps out of a total of 500, which can be worth up to one million euros depending on the condition.
Due to the delicate vanilla aroma,a mild and perfectly coordinated black tea is created, which makes the meetings with family and friends a very special taste experience. The exclusive richness of antioxidants and polyphenolsmake this tea a special source of energy for body and mind. Antioxidants and polyphenols support the immune system,prevent heart disease and slow down the aging process.

Get your own exclusive piece of blue stamp home - Only with Bois Cheri Blue Mauritius Vanilla Black Tea!

Where does Bois Chéri tea come from and what makes the tea label so unique?

With Bois Chéri Tea you will discover an extraordinary taste experience!

The Bois Chéri Tee tea label comes from the unique island of Mauritius. There, the impressive aromatic tea is highly appreciated and even holidaymakers who enjoy Bois Chéri tea keep the excellent tea in positive memory. The unique tea can be tasted at the Bois Chéri Tea Museum with tea factory right on the ground. The pleasant climatic conditions for tea cultivation and high-quality production ensure an exceptional taste experience that convinces at any time of the year!

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