Bois Cheri black tea with the aroma of mint


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Bois Cheri The de Ile Maurice Souillac Mint

50g (25 tea bags) black tea with mint aroma from Mauritius by Taste of Paradise

Ingredients: 100% BLACK TEA / 0.26 ML MINT FLAVOUR

Origin: Mauritius

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Bois Cheri Black Tea Soulliac with Mint

The fishing Bois Cheri black tea soulliac with mint is after the village of Soulliac in the south of Mauritius.

Mint is a highly aromatic plant which, like thyme and rosemary, is said to have a healing effect. It is known for its digestive effect, as it has antispasmodic and anti-nausea effects and is therefore recommended for all types of abdominal pain. Furthermore, the vitamin-and mineral-rich plant frees the airways and is therefore a faithful helper in the fight against fever, cold and flu.

Get your own exclusive refreshment home- Only with Bois Cheri black tea soulliac with mint!

Where does Bois Chéri tea come from and what makes the tea label so unique?

With Bois Chéri Tea you will discover an extraordinary taste experience!

The Bois Chéri Tee tea label comes from the unique island of Mauritius. There, the impressive aromatic tea is highly appreciated and even holidaymakers who enjoy Bois Chéri tea keep the excellent tea in positive memory. The unique tea can be tasted at the Bois Chéri Tea Museum with tea factory right on the ground. The pleasant climatic conditions for tea cultivation and high-quality production ensure an exceptional taste experience that convinces at any time of the year!


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