Echte Bourbon Vanille Schoten - Premiumqualität
  • Echte Bourbon Vanille Schoten - Premiumqualität

Bourbon Vanilla Pods Premium (2pcs) 100% natural from Mauritius


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Genuine Premium Bourbon Vanilla Pods from Mauritius - the Queen of Spices!

Ingredients: 2 Bourbon vanilla pods, Origin: Madagascar/Mauritius

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Genuine Premium Bourbon Vanilla Pods (whole) directly from Mauritius

The scent of vanilla is unique: intense, harmonious and balanced. This fragrance is like no other and harmoniously combines almost 200 natural individual substances into a fine, enchanting composition. It is not for nothing that vanilla is called the "queen of spices".

Long ago in Mexico, and later used in medicine, vanilla is now an indispensable part of international cuisine. Only the vanilla from the so-called Bourbon Islands (Madagascar, Réunion, the Comoros and Mauritius) can be sold as bourbon vanilla.

  • Without the addition of flavour enhancers, dyes and artificial flavours
  • Top quality
  • the pods are fresh and aromatic
  • In a blister packaging for optimal freshness and durability
  • Halal, vegan, kosher
  • Excellent for baking and cooking
  • 100% natural

Vaynilla Ltd. supports the Taylor Smith Foundation, founded in 2010, which helps poor families and children and also works to protect the environment.

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